What Limbaugh’s attacks on Sandra Fluke are actually about

I just wanted to reproduce a comment I made in the comments of some other blog, back here, because I think it’s worth saying:

Let’s be honest, this has nothing to do with religion, or even slut-shaming, ultimately: It was about the most influential figure in conservative media attempting to bully a woman into silence by using his platform to heap grotesque abuse on her for several days in a row. And in so doing, to set an example for all women everwhere that might dare have the gall to speak up about their own right to fair treatment, that this is what happens if you try to.

Everything else about this was frankly an ancillary point: the main point, which was pretty effectively highlighted by Darrly Issa’s original “panel on women’s health care, for men” was this: Women should shut up, and leave the opinion-having to the menfolk.

That’s what the Limbaugh attacks have about, plain and simple.  Slut-shaming might have been a useful tool for him, but it was never the point.  There’s no other inference I can draw from one of the most powerful figures in right-wing media attacking a random congressional witness 53 times over the course of three days, averaging nearly one vicious slander every three minutes.


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