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Nothing topical at the moment, so have another recipe

Welsh Rarebit: As I mentioned once before, I’ve used this recipe as the template for a few other cream sauces I’ve made, of late.  It’s pretty simple, and makes a really great breakfast/lunch/brunch meal.  A good hearty meal for the … Continue reading

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New Google motto: Be Evil, if it’s profitable and nobody notices

Back in 2010, one big piece of news coming from the right-wing Conservative Political Action Conference was the fact that the conspiratorial anti-communist group the John Birch Society was being permitted to “come in from the cold”, so to speak, … Continue reading

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Actually, context doesn’t make it better

I almost feel a bit sorry for Mitt Romney.  Running for president after making a fortune by putting companies out of business as a corporate raider, and being apparently congenitally incapable of showing normal human affection, he’s basically had an uphill battle in … Continue reading

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