Still a food blog: what I had for New Year’s dinner edition

So, it being New Years, I decided it would be a good idea to make a fancy steak dinner.  I didn’t know what my roommate’s plans were, so I decided to operate on the assumpion that she might show, and bought enough food for both.  She didn’t show, but the dinner I ended up making was kinda of amazing.  As in holy sex, one of the best meals of my life ever, amazing.

Here’s an awful, sketchy picture:

What we have:

  • Perfectly Medium-Rare Tenderloin Steak in a Mushroom Gorgonzola cream sauce (improvised)
  • Roasted Red Potatoes
  • Sauteed Asparagus spears

It managed to be relatively simple, and amazing.

The steak was seasoned in salt, pepper, and rosemary.  I have a rosemary plant for handy fresh rosemary, so that was a massive plus.  I then added some olive oil and let it sit while I prepared everything else.

Next, I quartered some medium red potatoes, tossed them in olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper again, and put them in an oven at 375 degrees, for maybe a half-hour (until the edges started to brown)

Then, the sauce.  I started with a roux (melt butter, stir in some flour, season with salt and pepper), then added some sliced mushrooms and sauteed for a bit, followed by cream, about a teaspoon or two each of Worchestershire sauce, and cayanne pepper hot sauce, and then slowly stirred in roughly 1/3-1/2 a cup of gorgonzola until it was fully blended into a thick, cheesy sauce.

Finally, the steak.  After searching around for some ideas on how to cook it properly, I found this flawless strategy.  Melt some a small amount of butter -enough to coat the pan.  We have a pretty lean cut of steak here, so we’ll need grease to pan-cook it: a small amount of butter, plus the olive oil from earlier, should be sufficient.  Furthermore, the flame you’d use to melt butter quickly without worrying about burning it is the perfect flame for medium rare steak.  Now, add the steak.  Once the first side starts to brown sufficiently, turn.  Total cook time is under 10 minutes.  Start testing at five minutes.  You test it by poking the steak, with your finger.  If it deforms and leaves a fingerprint, it is rare.  If it doesn’t, but still has some “give” to it, then it is medium rare.  If it’s firm, you overcooked it.  Simple!

For me, this was all a massive experiment in improvising with way-too-expensive ingredients, that resulted in one of the best meals I’ve had in my life.  So, the lesson here, if anything, is Take risks!  Try something new!  You never know what you might end up doing, and you might discover something amazing!

Hapy New Year, everyone!

(I’ll be adding a picture later when I get around to/feel like it)



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