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90% of the Internet right now is basically my hero.  Even if work is going to be boring as fuck tomorrow as a consequence. That is all. Advertisements

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Ugh. Or: the GOP celebrates MLK day.

So as most of you who had off from work yesterday (read: not your dismal author) are aware, yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  What this basically translates into meaning, is the day conservatives trip over themselves trying to … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich: America’s greatest historian.

So apparently, while I was busy having geeky fun at MAGfest, there were not one, but two GOP debates.  And at least the latter one was every bit as train-wrecky as every other one prior. Honestly, I continue to be … Continue reading

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MAGfest X

So, latest on my litany of excuses for not posting has been skipping town to attend MAGfest, DC-area con centered around video games and video game music.  This is right up my alley for obvious reasons, and also too, has become a bit … Continue reading

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Still a food blog: what I had for New Year’s dinner edition

So, it being New Years, I decided it would be a good idea to make a fancy steak dinner.  I didn’t know what my roommate’s plans were, so I decided to operate on the assumpion that she might show, and bought … Continue reading

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Ringing in the new year with laziness, heavy drinking, mmo addiction, and geeky things

…Maybe my decision not to make any resolutions wasn’t a great idea after all. Anyway, that, plus it being an admittedly slow news week, my explanation for the current blog hiatus.  When I haven’t been out, drinking, Star Wars: The Old … Continue reading

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