Adventures with the “Party of personal responsibility”

Mudkipz Gingrich

Newt Gingrich in his natural habitat

I’m going to have another thing a bit later focusing on Ron Paul’s ongoing newsletter dramaz, but for now I want to focus on something that’s both simultaneously much more hilarious, and recieving much less attention: the parallel failures of the Newt Gingrich (pictured) to run a competant primary campaign, and to not blame everyone else in the universe for these shortcomings.

The latest installment comes in the form of the fact that both Gingrich and competing candidate Rick Perry have failed to get on the ballot for the GOP primary in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Now, anyone who’s been following the political goings-on in the mid-west lately is probably aquainted with the rule of thumb for signatures for petitions for recalls and ballot initiatives by now: whetever the required number of signatures, submit at least 150% that number, because a whole bunch are going to be disqualified, no matter what.  Apparently, neither candidate got this memo, and they each submitted rougly 11,000 signatures for the 10,000-signature primary ballot requirement.

There are three possible explanations for this sort of sloppiness: profound hubris, and the belief that these laws are meant to be enforced ‘crank candidates’, not for you; profound amateurishness, and failure to do due diligence about filing requirements; or a combination of the two.  I’ll leave the exact mix of factors at work as an exercise to the reader, but let’s just marvel at the Gingrich campaign’s reaction to this news:

These are all quite clearly things that a non-crank candidate for president would say or do.  Although, to be fair to Newt, it’s possible that all he meant by the Pearl Harbor comparison is that the failure of his campaign to comply with some pretty basic filing requirements is a good time to go out and buy his books.

But the real point is, the way to demonstrate you’re a “personal responsibility Republican” is evidently to advocate that we fire janitors and make their school-aged children work in their stead instead of staying in school, in order to somehow teach everyone involved about Dignity, and blaming everyone else in any of the myriad cases your campaign screws up massively.


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