Epic trolling, Congressional Edition

Jared Polis (D-Colorado) to House Republicans: Umad bros?

Problem, House Republicans?

A “high percentage” of the Internet’s use is for porn, Polis said. It’s “a pornographer’s wet dream!”

Polis then offered an amendment that would stop the Justice Department from using SOPA’s vast powers to aid adult industry businesses who happen to hold valid copyrights. “Pornography should not be the focus of the attorney general’s protection,” he said.

You see what he did there, right?  By introducing this amendment, he forced SOPA-defending members of the House -including a fuck-ton of ultra-conservatives- to argue in favor of rights for pornographers, on the House floor.

Oh yeah, and he also had the lyrics in full to The Internet is for Porn entered into the Congressional Record.  That is now part of the permanent documentation that the Federal government is required, by law, to distribute and make freely available in Depository Libraries across the country.

(And if you somehow reached this blog without being aware of all Internet traditions, please, please watch that video.  It’s an old meme, but Avenue Q is full of amazing and wonderful and amazing songs)


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